Hi 🙂

So this is my first blog post ever so i figured i’d introduce myself and explain what i hope this blog will achieve!

My name is Tash, i am 21 and have almost finished my 2nd year on a Tourism and Hospitality degree course 🙂 I live at home with my family and 2 adorable cats in a quiet neighborhood somewhere in England… 😛20140519_105403

The reason i started this blog is to write about my experiences of being in a wheelchair and dealing with issues such as trains, taxis, hotels but then also the super awesome times at concerts, Christmas markets, museums and restaurants. As lame as it may sound, these things have all made a huge difference in my life.

I was diagnosed with a muscle wasting condition at an early age but only became wheelchair bound around 7 years ago during the last couple of years at high school. I’ve never been a very sociable person and was also shy / quiet, keeping mostly to myself during my 6 years at school. I was always very conscious of being stared at – even if nobody was – slight paranoia i guess? People at high school are usually quite immature which probably didn’t help and i would have issues with ‘friends’ …

When i started college at 17, i managed to find myself a group of friends who didn’t care about my disability … i felt needed, a part of the group you could say. Over these 2 years, i got the confidence to use the bus on my own – something i’d never do whilst at school, although it took a long time before my heart stopped pounding every time the bus pulled up to the stop! I went out to the pub during college weeks and we’d chill, socialise, drink, eat and just have a laugh. I really enjoyed my college years, worked hard and got the grades i needed to get into University but unfortunately, people drift apart when they go separate ways. I don’t miss them as harsh as it may sound, i feel like they were a ‘stepping stone’ in helping me become who i am today *cue cheesy music* and i thank them for that ❤

Once i started at Uni, i felt like i became so much more confident 🙂 I didn’t care if people stare at me – i give them my famous glare muahaha…i eat in front of people now and am not bothered i use cutlery differently – have to adapt! …. i even hand my purse over to staff in shops to take the money out (even to guy employees now, never used to!). They may seem pretty small tasks to others but for me, it’s just another step to becoming more independent.

Look forward to my following posts on Kpop concerts and my trips to London from the past couple of years 🙂

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!

Tash ❤

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