Infinite ‘One Great Step’ – World Tour 2013

infinite_5In 2013, i went to my very first concert ever and it just so happened to be a kpop concert with my favourite boy group performing. 27th of November around lunch time, we set off on the train towards London 🙂 Luckily there were no issues with the station staff supplying the ramp so the first part of the journey was a success!

I brought along a carer with me who wasn’t a fan of kpop and though it a ‘weird thing to like’ but she was the only person who would tolerate it for me 😛 As i’d never been to a concert before, i wasn’t sure what to expect, how many fans or the sound levels.

Once we arrived at Liverpool Street Station, we took a taxi to where Hammersmith Apollo was and set of in search of somewhere to eat before the concert. Most taxi’s in London have a ramp that is folded down into the floor of the vehicle, as long as the drive pulls up to a curb, it is easy to just drive up the ramp and settle into the back of the cab 🙂 Out of all my journey’s in London, there has only been a handful of times where we’ved4a_1099 either had to wait for a taller taxi or walk to somewhere with a curb – easily sorted!

Me and Rachel* ended up eating at a pub and had chicken with bacon & cheese and chips for dinner. The pub wasn’t too far away from the venue and we arrived at the Hammersmith Apollo with around 40 minutes before the doors would open, it was freezing cold so Rachel went to a security guard and asked where we should wait but he ended up taking us inside! Nice and warm at last 😀

We got our tickets and hung around till the concert started. Rachel wasn’t very interested which did bring my excitement down a bit and i started to feel sick….nerves….dodgy food at the pub? I didn’t let it ruin the evening though and ignored it. Wheelchair users and disabled were allowed into the venue 15 before everybody else to make sure we are all settled.

If you can see in the picture, in the middle at the bottom, it looks like a balcony but on the ground…that is where we sat which looks very close to the stage but when you sit there…it’s quite far away 😦 Although i could still hear their amazing songs and live singing so i didn’t mind too much xD

The concert was so long ago that i can’t remember much now but i can remember how ah.mai.zing it was (amazing) !! Unfortunately where we were sat, they couldn’t see us because of the lights but i still waved my arms and screamed like a crazy person 😀 At the very end when they had bowed, said their thanks and the confetti came down, the lights had gone bright everywhere and Infinite were walking along the stage, waving to everybody.

Hoya was the last to walk off the stage and about 5 seconds before he disappeared, i1397409_10201797673296885_1368047875_o waved my arms once more and he saw me! The venue wasn’t packed and the area around the wheelchair balcony was very empty so i assumed it was me he saw 😛 He waved at us and blew a kiss in our direction ❤ He became my #2 bias from Infinite then 😀

After the concert, we took a taxi back to Liverpool Street and by this time, it was gone midnight :/ It was veerrryyyy cold in the station so we got some food and searched for some place warm. Rachel had started getting snappy at me, we were both tired so i kept to myself and kept going over Sunggyu’s solo and Hoya’s kiss ❤

The train didn’t go to my town and stopped about 30 minutes away at the next station but luckily my dad had booked a taxi that would take us that last part of the journey home. There was a bit of a scare regarding the trains as we were told there was nobody with a ramp at the other end….so most of the train journey was worrying if we’d be able to get off the train! The train driver had a friend at the station who specifically came down to the platform with the ramp for me and opened all the locked doors so we could leave 🙂 There are lovely people around! 😀7-greater-anglia-class-90-by-phil-marsh

Finally got home around 3:3am O.o This rushing around and worrying taught me that it would be much less stressful to save up and stay over the night…which is what we’ve done on many occasions now xD Go back to the hotel when we want…get up and ready whenever we want 😛 ^-^

Please leave a comment about your experience and share this blog ❤

Tash ❤

*Not real name
*Credit goes to owners of the pictures used in this blog…i own nothing*


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