Bucket List

My Bucket List

I have seen these Bucket List posts for the past couple of years now and have decided to finally compile my own list of both goals achievable within 10 years and my life goals! I hope you enjoy reading and that it inspires you to perhaps write your own 🙂

Current Goals

1. Graduate from university (COMPLETED/October 2016)
2. Reach 500 followers on Instagram
3. Reach 500 followers on my blog
4. Write a book
5. Watch a West End theatre production
6. Visit Cambridge
7. Visit Edinburgh
8. Volunteer for AgeUK (ONGOING – Telephone Befriender)
9. Volunteer for Suffolk Coalition of Disabled People (ONGOING)
10. Start driving lessons – (ONGOING)
11. Pass my theory test – (COMPLETED 27th June 2017)
12. Pass my driving test
13. Get a job in the hotel industry
14. Dye my hair for the first time – (COMPLETED August 2017)
15. Become fluent in Korean
16. Take part in a ghost tour
17. Order room service (COMPLETED June/July 2016, London) (See related blog post)
18. Buy someone’s shopping
19. Get a caricature drawn in a big city (COMPLETED October 2016)
20. Become a more sociable person
21. Eat at a fancy restaurant
22. Leave an inspiring message in a public place
23. Be a penpal(COMPLETED Jan & March 2016)
24. Try 20 new foods
25. Eat alligator meat (COMPLETED Nov 2007, Florida)
26. Go to a music festival
27. Learn about photography
28. Plan my dream home
29. Donate to somebody on Kickstarter
30. Start a scrapbook
31. Attend a hospitality / tourism industry event
32.Photo with somebody famous (COMPLETED)
(Photo with Korean boy groups U-Kiss & Topp Dogg)
33. Make ice cream sodas
34. Go 48 hours without technology
35. Send a message in a bottle
36. Write on balloons and release them
37. Visit an arcade
38. Improve at public speaking
(Step 1: Presentation in front of 30+ professionals and university lecturers completed!)
39. Throw a party for somebody
40. Draw faces on the eggs in my fridge
41. Watch Adele in concert
42. Attend a blogging event
43. Say YES more often
44. Fan meet with a famous artist (COMPLETED)
(Hi-5 event with B.A.P & Topp Dogg)
45. Pay it forward


Life Goals

1. Visit a safari park
2. Travel to South Korea
3. Place a lock at the top of N Seoul Tower
4. Visit Paris
5. Visit Italy
6. Visit L.A
7. Go skydiving
8. Move out on my own
9. Throw coins into the Trevi fountain
10. See the Northern Lights
11. Go on a hot air balloon ride
12. Attend the Paralympics
13. Celebrate a birthday in a different country
14. Visit Disney World Resort Orlando (COMPLETED 2007 & 2010)
15. Swim with dolphins (COMPLETED 2007, Florida)

Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you have a bucket list, feel free to share parts of it below in the comments 🙂

Till next time!
Tash ❤

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