My Degree & Graduation!

The end of May saw the submission of my 10,000 word dissertation and also the end of my three years at University studying Tourism & Hospitality Management. I started this blog half way through my second year and time has flown! This course never was brilliant to begin with and so my experiences were not as good as how fellow students felt but i am so pleased i stuck with it and pushed through the tough times to be able to sit here today and say ‘I have a degree!’. Being a student poses challenges in itself but being a student with a disability has extra challenges on top, but i am happy i can now say that yes, these difficulties got me down countless times: not being able to type 2500 word essays without breaks every 20 minutes or needing assistance during lectures – but not once did i let it stop me from achieving my goal of being a graduate later this year and wearing that gown. Now no more studying, no more stress and will spend the next few weeks relaxing and catching up on some Korean dramas!

I graduated mid October 2017 in an evening ceremony at my local town hall. I was pretty nervous but everything went smoothly! The people organising the graduation had already thought about where I would be sat and how I would get onto the stage ready for my turn in collecting my degree. At either ends of the stage were lifts – very slow lifts but still there! Before the ceremony started I went to get my gown and cap, caught up with a couple of classmates and said farewell to my family. My spot for most of the ceremony was in a small technicians office just off to the side of the stage which made easy access when my name was called. There was a huge surprise waiting for me as I had been nominated to receive a ‘student of excellence’ award! The shock was unreal as that was the last thing I was expecting. After the graduation ceremony, a few of us and families went to a small room to collect our prizes and certificates and you’ll never guess who was attending the graduation as his ex-wife was receiving an honorary degree…actor Bill Nighy! My mum and I did fangirl a tad as we love Love Actually! Afterwards we all went out to a celebratory steak dinner which was delicious! Time flies and I seriously can’t believe its nearly been a year 🙂

Till next time,
Tash ❤


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