My love for South Korea

My second blog post will cover my love and passion for KPOP but also Korea itself; the culture, the amazing language and the food!

I became a fan way back at the start of 2013 after stumbling across a drama episode on YouTube, *Boys Over Flowers* with the handsome Lee Min-Ho and Kim Hyun-Joong. At first it was difficult to get used to the language and reading subtitles but after a handful of other dramas, it became easier 🙂

This drama introduced me to Hyun-Joong and after finding out he was in a band – SS501, i was hooked and it went from there! My favourite SS501 song is called ‘Love Ya’ and you can find it here:

The second drama i ever watched was Playful Kiss which once again, had Hyun-Joong in 😀 I really enjoyed this drama and found it refreshing with it’s funny characters and story line!

Whilst searching through videos on YouTube on SS501, i came across Super Junior and was shocked at how many members there were! Took me a really long time to learn their names and currently, my favourite members are Eunhyuk and Donghae and Henry (I know he’s from Su-Ju M but ah wells!).

I didn’t start to buy albums as a hobby until late 2013 as i hadn’t been introduced to wonderful but addictive sites such as kpopmart, kpoptown, yesasia and mwave. My money would mostly go to albums, dvd’s and merch but within the past half year or so, i have stopped buying so much and limit myself to couple of items a month 🙂 Shinee and Infinite were my two favourites for a long time, as was B.A.P, U-Kiss and Exo ❤ Although it did take me months to learn each Exo member’s names!

Continued in next post! 🙂

Leave a comment about how you found kpop and how it has impacted on your life 🙂

Tash ❤

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