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Caricature Drawing of Me! (Bucket List #19)

Back in October, I took a graduation celebration trip down to London for 2.5 day. One thing I’ve wanted to have done for so so long after seeing it often in the streets of London was to have a caricature drawing done of me. Walking (or driving) down Leicester Square, I had thought to myself ‘I’ve wanted it done for so long, there are so many caricature artists here…why not?! :D’ and so i did! 

I went over towards the row of artists and one artist came over and offered me a ‘reduced rate’ for a drawing of me but I think they must make up the prices for each person anyway. As we were there during the October half term, he had his young son with him who my carer ended up watching whilst he was busy! So as I was sat there, people were stopping to watch his drawing – perhaps deciding if they wanted one done too 🙂

After about 20 minutes of sitting there, he showed me the drawing and I was so happy. The only thing I worried about the rest of the trip was how we’d be able to keep it from creasing or ripping. Luckily, we managed to get it home in one piece and now I need to find a frame for it as I love it so much 😀 I know each caricature artist will draw in completely different styles but I feel, if i think about that, I’d end up going to every person i see!


Till next time,
Tash ❤

1 thought on “Caricature Drawing of Me! (Bucket List #19)”

  1. A bunch of caricatures of me would go to my head and not likely in a good way. I had a hard time getting one of myself until a pretty artist appeared and swayed my decision. 🙂 Alas, though I wanted to stay in touch with her, I was given a dead end means of contact.

    Maybe it is too much to ask an artist to have protective tubes for every drawing they hand out. But, it sure would be nice to have in your position. Maybe, the next time you feel like getting such a work done, you bring something to protect it during your travels.

    I nearly lost my caricature to flooding one year, even though I had it in a tube. The tube was not waterproof, and I did not expect water to reach it.

    The artist did okay with your picture. But, either you were nervous or he did not capture your dynamic/intellectual brows (which are raised in a worrisome or befuddled way in the drawing).


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