Bucket List

Room Service (Bucket List #17)

At the start of July 2016, I managed to tick off another item on my bucket list! Ordering room service is something I had wanted to do ever since I started travelling to London and was very very pleased to finally have achieved this 🙂

Both evenings, my carer and I were so exhausted that neither of us wanted to venture out in search of food – especially as it was a weeknight and so pubs and restaurants were full of employees!  Instead, we decided to go halves and pay the room service fee of £4 to eat dinner in the comfort of our room and pj’s. Even though we were staying in a pretty decent hotel, I had hoped there would be at least some pepperoni pizza or a chicken baguette on the menu which we could enjoy but there wasn’t 😦

Deciding on a 4 cheese pizza with large potato wedges, both of us were sat around with growling stomachs! After about 20 minutes it arrived…but did we need to tip him…if so, how much?! Pretty confusing and embarrassing but we decided to tip him with some spare change sitting in our purses. Least we knew what to do for the next time room service was ordered!

Anyways, onto the food. Now the pizza looked really good! Unfortunately, even after reading the description but not actually making the connection – blue cheese was the culprit of a disastrous meal. However, if this ingredient was missing, it would have been a success! The wedges were seasoned well and they gave us plenty of tomato sauce which made me happy (I have to have ketchup with practically all potato things). I think i’d give this meal a 5.5/10 rating ~


Onto the second meal we ordered through room service. We learnt our lesson after the pizza and ordered safe but yummy! I had the beef, bacon and cheese burger with a salad and chips whilst my carer had the chicken and salad burger with a side salad and chips. To get a taste of both, we halved and shared them! I was so so pleased that this time it was a success 🙂 Chips, burger…even the salad were all so delicious and not actually a bad price either. If we have room service at this hotel again, a repeat is required! Also, we knew what to do regarding the tip this time xD I’d give this meal a 7.5/10!


I’m very pleased that another item on my bucket list has been crossed off, that feeling of achievement is so awesome that i want it to happen again and again 🙂

Till next time,
Tash ❤

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