Why i find hotels frustrating…

It’s frustrating how many hotels charge more for an accessible room because of the extra space required, even though sometimes I wish to have the same as anybody else (I’m guessing other disabled people may wish too?). Or the fact that there are limited types of rooms which are accessible for example; one hotel might have an accessible single only, another a king deluxe only or even a double accessible. What i’m getting at here is I feel that disabled people are so limited to what they can access anyways, let them enjoy whatever room type they wish to have at least? I know…space, money and the sorts. I would love to be able to save my money and treat myself to a stay in either a Junior Suite or even a Penthouse for one night! – but there are absolutely none I have found which are accessible or the accessible suites I have come across have ridiculous bathrooms. Time to design my own hotel I think! 😀

Till next time,
Tash ❤

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