Bucket List

My Bucket List

I have seen these Bucket List posts for the past couple of years now and have decided to finally compile my own list of both goals achievable within 10 years and my life goals! I hope you enjoy reading and that it inspires you to perhaps write your own 🙂 Current Goals 1. Graduate from… Continue reading My Bucket List


My Degree & Graduation!

The end of May saw the submission of my 10,000 word dissertation and also the end of my three years at University studying Tourism & Hospitality Management. I started this blog half way through my second year and time has flown! This course never was brilliant to begin with and so my experiences were not as… Continue reading My Degree & Graduation!


Infinite ‘One Great Step’ – World Tour 2013

In 2013, i went to my very first concert ever and it just so happened to be a kpop concert with my favourite boy group performing. 27th of November around lunch time, we set off on the train towards London 🙂 Luckily there were no issues with the station staff supplying the ramp so the first… Continue reading Infinite ‘One Great Step’ – World Tour 2013


B.A.P ‘Live on Earth’ – World Tour 2014

Loud music, screaming fans, bright lights, synched dancing, spectacular costumes. It’s the B.A.P concert everybody had waited for. This boy group from Korea captured the attention of fans around the globe with their amazing and thought-provoking songs and I was able to attend the concert! B.A.P came to London in April 2014 as part of… Continue reading B.A.P ‘Live on Earth’ – World Tour 2014


My love for South Korea

My second blog post will cover my love and passion for KPOP but also Korea itself; the culture, the amazing language and the food! I became a fan way back at the start of 2013 after stumbling across a drama episode on YouTube, *Boys Over Flowers* with the handsome Lee Min-Ho and Kim Hyun-Joong. At… Continue reading My love for South Korea


New and improved blog!

To new readers and previous readers: Welcome to my new blog 🙂 It's pretty empty at the moment as I am transferring all my posts from my old blog onto this one so please be patient! I decided to start fresh with a new web address, a plan that gives me plenty more freedom and the… Continue reading New and improved blog!