My Adapted Vehicle Story

EDIT: I passed my driving test first time on January 25th 2018!!! Driving for me has always been something I have longed to do but never thought possible because of my physical limitations. But let me tell you...what these car adaptation companies can now do is amazing! I started the information and application process back… Continue reading My Adapted Vehicle Story

Bucket List

Room Service (Bucket List #17)

At the start of July 2016, I managed to tick off another item on my bucket list! Ordering room service is something I had wanted to do ever since I started travelling to London and was very very pleased to finally have achieved this 🙂 Both evenings, my carer and I were so exhausted that neither… Continue reading Room Service (Bucket List #17)


My Degree & Graduation!

The end of May saw the submission of my 10,000 word dissertation and also the end of my three years at University studying Tourism & Hospitality Management. I started this blog half way through my second year and time has flown! This course never was brilliant to begin with and so my experiences were not as… Continue reading My Degree & Graduation!