Zico in London!

There is so much planning that goes into my trips to London ranging from access onto the trains, to hotels and whether they meet my needs, to venues or attractions and if they have disabled toilets. But whether these all work well is another matter! On the 4th January 2017, I took my first trip… Continue reading Zico in London!


B.A.P ‘Live on Earth’ – World Tour 2016

On May 13th 2016, at the Coronet theatre in London, popular Korean boy group B.A.P performed here for the second time since debuting. The concert was absolutely amazing!  I treated myself to the VIP ticket which included a Hi-5 with B.A.P at the end, early entry and a signed copy of their newest album. Although it… Continue reading B.A.P ‘Live on Earth’ – World Tour 2016


Infinite ‘One Great Step’ – World Tour 2013

In 2013, i went to my very first concert ever and it just so happened to be a kpop concert with my favourite boy group performing. 27th of November around lunch time, we set off on the train towards London 🙂 Luckily there were no issues with the station staff supplying the ramp so the first… Continue reading Infinite ‘One Great Step’ – World Tour 2013


B.A.P ‘Live on Earth’ – World Tour 2014

Loud music, screaming fans, bright lights, synched dancing, spectacular costumes. It’s the B.A.P concert everybody had waited for. This boy group from Korea captured the attention of fans around the globe with their amazing and thought-provoking songs and I was able to attend the concert! B.A.P came to London in April 2014 as part of… Continue reading B.A.P ‘Live on Earth’ – World Tour 2014


My love for South Korea

My second blog post will cover my love and passion for KPOP but also Korea itself; the culture, the amazing language and the food! I became a fan way back at the start of 2013 after stumbling across a drama episode on YouTube, *Boys Over Flowers* with the handsome Lee Min-Ho and Kim Hyun-Joong. At… Continue reading My love for South Korea