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Access at the 5* Grange Tower Bridge Hotel – London

The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel is located in east London and I stayed here twice; both times for two nights instead of the usual one. I absolutely loved it! Probably one of the most relaxing and accessible hotels I have stayed at - and that is saying something with how specific I have to be.… Continue reading Access at the 5* Grange Tower Bridge Hotel – London

Hotel Reviews

Access at the Hilton Angel Islington – London

I stayed at the Hilton Angel Islington recently and was very pleased i tried out this hotel - it was definitely an experience! Trying to find fully accessible hotels in London is incredibly difficult, the constant emailing and phone calls to find out what hotels offer can become tiring whilst many don't actually advertise accessibility at all.… Continue reading Access at the Hilton Angel Islington – London


Zico in London!

There is so much planning that goes into my trips to London ranging from access onto the trains, to hotels and whether they meet my needs, to venues or attractions and if they have disabled toilets. But whether these all work well is another matter! On the 4th January 2017, I took my first trip… Continue reading Zico in London!

Bucket List

Caricature Drawing of Me! (Bucket List #19)

Back in October, I took a graduation celebration trip down to London for 2.5 day. One thing I've wanted to have done for so so long after seeing it often in the streets of London was to have a caricature drawing done of me. Walking (or driving) down Leicester Square, I had thought to myself 'I've wanted… Continue reading Caricature Drawing of Me! (Bucket List #19)

Bucket List

Room Service (Bucket List #17)

At the start of July 2016, I managed to tick off another item on my bucket list! Ordering room service is something I had wanted to do ever since I started travelling to London and was very very pleased to finally have achieved this 🙂 Both evenings, my carer and I were so exhausted that neither… Continue reading Room Service (Bucket List #17)

Bucket List

My Bucket List

I have seen these Bucket List posts for the past couple of years now and have decided to finally compile my own list of both goals achievable within 10 years and my life goals! I hope you enjoy reading and that it inspires you to perhaps write your own 🙂 Current Goals 1. Graduate from… Continue reading My Bucket List